Out of Town Guests

Places to Stay

Need a place to stay for the Miracles Rally weekend? We came up with a list of Hotels near by and some located downtown for you. Booking early is always recommended.

Looking for an AirBnb? Follow this link.

Places to Eat

Victoria is know to have some of the best places to eat in BC! We are # 2 on the list of Most Restaurants per capita in North America so we put together a little list of cafe’s, lunch counters and restaurants in and around the Miracles Rally venue for you to check out!

Things to Do

There’s something for everyone here. Victoria’s unique in North America for it’s combination of urban culture and natural surroundings.


A relatively small city on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Victoria is the seat of the Provincial Government and boasts not one, but two universities. As a result, Victoria’s urban core has a thriving arts and cultural scene that matches cities you’d expect to be much bigger. Hip restaurants, cafés and shopping areas in the downtown area complete the urban experience, but never so far from a park or the water that you’d forget you’re very close to one of the most beautiful and pristine landscapes in the Pacific Northwest. Visit Tourism Victoria for a complete picture of what we’ve got going on in the city.


If urban culture’s not your scene, you’re in for a treat. Within 15 minutes drive of the downtown core, you can find yourself lost in a network of regional parks. 15 minutes further, and you can be communing with nature at some of the Pacific North Wests most beautiful temperate rain forests. One ting is for sure: if you’re in to nature, bring your hiking boots because there’s lots to see around Victoria. Visit the CRD Regional Parks website.Visit BC’s Provincial Parks website.

Recovery Community

Victoria also boasts a vibrant recovery community. AA alone has over 138 meetings a week, as well as over 14 Al-Anon meetings, NA, and CA communities. You can find some more links at the bottom of the page, but here are a couple of key resources: AA Victoria Intergroup AA Meetings in Victoria BC Yukon Alanon websiteNA VictoriaCA British Columbia More information about the recovery community in Victoria can be found here, as well as some of the history of the Victoria Miracles Rally.